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About our founder

I am a proven leader that has been in fixed operations for 25 years.  A NADA Dealer Candidate Graduate and president of the General Motors Service and Parts Council for The Tampa Bay Area for more than a decade (only stepping down to start this business).  I am a firm believer that If you do what the customer loves then the money will follow.  My expertise provides the ability to bestow guidance and support to others in the industry by helping them establish and achieve their goals while providing me flexibility for my family.  I specialize in customer service, processes, events, and efficiencies.  A father of three, I was blessed with an amazing autistic son that inspired me to form this business.  Please read below to learn a little more about me and my journey.


Why I started this business

There are two reasons why I started this business. I was working my butt off at the dealership leading a team to success every day.  As a highly motivated person I was always putting the customer first and focusing on the needs of my team. 

In time I found that I had all of these great ideas to make the business better but I was spread too thin.  I couldn't get to the things I wanted for business growth. It was like I was revving the engine at a four way stop, could see where I wanted to go, but just couldn't move.

I was taking my work home with me and burning the candle at both ends. I have often been accused of caring too much... If that's a thing!  In time, I began having severe headaches.  I read the meditation books and was exercising but it was not helping.  My Dr. and family were concerned.  I stayed the course day in and day out.  The money was not in the budget for a manager.

After struggling for well over a year a solution arrived.  A business consultant was in the general managers office looking for work.  I had not thought of hiring someone for a week or two at a time.  This was exactly what I needed.   A mentor/coach to help me get to all growth I couldn't get to and to make some of the other daily responsibilities easier and more efficient.  He was able to show me different processes and angles of production that freed up enough of my time to both regain my sanity and increase profitability.  I could not gain a clear view of the battlefield from the trenches and the day to day became my life.

I never forgot how big of a help he was.  Many managers are in the same boat I was in and now I can pay it forward.  

The second reason is family.  Below are some personal triumphs that help to define what drives me.

I am a God-loving husband and blessed father of three.  My oldest is a teacher, my middle son a jack of all trades, and my youngest son is still in school.  I am so proud of all of my children and their accomplishments. My youngest son named Johnny has Autism.  This is a true blessing.  His love and compassion have no bounds but it wasn't always that way.

As a parent of a special needs child, I celebrated things that some parents take for granted.  Things like my first real hug and our first real conversation were HUGE accomplishments.  Johnny’s love for cars started early on.  In fact, one of the things that led to his diagnosis was laying on the kitchen floor on his side watching the wheels go around on his hot wheel for hours on end.  This plus a two-year-olds relentless ability to enjoy stacking every can from the pantry was certainly noteworthy.   Hugs were on demand and only because you said so and with zero eye contact.

As he got older his mom would swing by the dealership with him to see me. He and I would just sit on the bench on the service drive together watching people. Their processes, and answering questions from staff and associates.  That was precious time for me.  Although he didn’t converse, you could tell he liked it.  

At 11, he really began to love our riding lawn mower.  He would help me service it every season.  He quickly became the lawn mower man!  He was ready to mow every yard he could get into and would look for excuses to get to use it.   That lawn mower had never seen such love.  From the customized Jeggs and Wolverine stickers to the rock lights, we put on it just this year he was pimping on that ride.  To this day, he hand washes it after every mow and tells me when it's time for service... way in advance!

  I was fortunate enough at my last job to have a dealer that allowed me to bring him to work with me sometimes.  Oh boy!  He was so excited to get to go to work with me.  He kept reminding me it's only 13 days until…12,10,9, you get the drift.  He wasn't much for talking but he talked about when he got to go to work with Dad.   The day would come to take him in.  Those were the most magical days for me.  He had such an interest in technicians and how things work.  The team totally embraced him.  I was so proud.  Not just of him but of the dealer for letting me bring him and the team for totally supporting him being there. 

 I was able to take him countless times thereafter. He would have questions to identify parts of the cars.  Not only was he intrigued, he was retaining the information and presenting it back to us.  Sometimes he could be seen at the lube rack actually working on the car while another tech was coaching and videoing him.  He would watch those videos for months.


Seeing him progress so well with his communication was awesome; he really enjoyed helping and learning.  His interactions were bringing him out of his shell.  I wanted to give him more of my time to help him learn money skills, business, and conversational intelligence.  I started this business to do precisely that.  I couldn't do it at a 65-70 hour a week job.  

I quit my job.  I spent the summer with Johnny.  We started practicing driving.  Needless to say, when driving communication is paramount, he wanted it, and he was trying with everything he had. 

I started this business to allow for the flexibility in my schedule to help him grow and to help dealerships reach their goals.  A by-product of that is that I get to inspire people in the car business to practice personal and professional excellence. 

My experience allows me to tailor services to achieve the fixed operations goals of my clients. I am extremely competent in maximizing fixed operations service culture, processes, and production.  

I can be reached anytime.  Please consider me to help tailor growth to your parts and service business.

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Jim Martin

Founder of Fixed Operations Development

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