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Our Services:
We offer services of varying degrees, complexity, and duration on the  basis of what our clients need. This flexibility allows  us to tailor our approach  and implementation to your specific needs. 

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About Us

At Fixed Operations Development, we inspire exceptional care for your customers.  Our ethical integrity and proven results help empower your team to become the trusted go-to service shop that provides value and convenience to your customers


Jim has a deep knowledge and understanding of fixed operations on both the service and parts side of the business

Fixed Operations Director 

Jim understands all aspects of fixed operations within the automotive industry and has always been an innovator within the industry...

Service Development Specialist General Motors

Jim is highly engaged, very forthcoming, and extremely collaborative in his interactions...

General Manager 
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rosie the rivetor with a megaphone
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Profit and Process

Profit and Process Analysis

We'll work closely with your management team to identify and implement strategy-based processes for your production and customer service teams. With our help, you can find answers to questions like: where is my gross profit? What is my parts fill rate?  How is my production teams 'performance?  How do you compare to industry standards? How long does an oil change really take?  Based on current performance, how many techs do you need to meet your desired goal? How are my technician mentors and apprentices producing?

Our expert coach will conduct a thorough analysis of your departmental financial statements, manager reports, and other key performance indicators to identify areas where you can add revenue generating efficiencies, free up stagnant revenues, and engage your employees to add more customers to your roster.

We'll also review your digital presence, pricing structures, scheduling, and customer reviews to establish baselines for performance metrics.  We'll evaluate your Advisor/Customer Relations, Processes, Sales Presentations, Dispatching, call handling, and Production efficiencies to ensure they are optimized for maximum customer satisfaction.

We'll verify that your shop is in compliance with lift safety training and mandatory lift inspections, as well as all fixed operations training completion by manufacturer and OSHA standards.

At your request, we'll can complete a S.W.O.T. analysis to determine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as perceived by your employees (your biggest assets).

At the end of the review, we'll provide you with a detailed report that includes potential ROI and actionable recommendations. You'll have the option to retain our services to work with your management team and implement or train for any of your desired plans.

With our deep dive service, you'll be able to unlock your true income potential and create a success plan that delivers measurable results. Contact us today to learn more.

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Warranty Review


During this service, we will perform a full repair order audit to determine what rate the manufacturer will reimburse you for if you were to request an increase.  If the numbers show that you can increase your reimbursement rate, then we will prepare the documents required to make the request formally to your manufacturer. 


This service provides additional metrics that will be useful to your management team.  Upon completion of this service your team will be able to identify a snapshot of how much time they complete for Competitive, Maintenance, and Repair categories.  This information can be used for production staffing, Scheduling, Consultant Discounting, and Consultant repair order write up evaluations.

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Express Service


One of our coaches will analyze and streamline your lube rack processes and procedures.  This service maximizes your car count and sales penetration. 


This service includes:


  • Market analysis of quick service pricing, scheduling, and wait times

  • Determining true cycle time for your lube rack

  • Identifying hurdles that create lube rack inefficiencies

  • Implementing schedules that allow you to maximize your daily potential

  • Teaching lube technicians an efficient team approach to performing an inspection, oil change and tire rotation

  • Educate Advisors on quick services and additional service sales opportunities and the processes that should be followed

  • Coordinating with the parts department for fast part acquisition and pricing

  • Working with the managers to establish daily lube rack vehicle count and sales goals

  • We can also create a dealer branded handout to provide your servicing guests showing your competitive pricing, contact info, and other dealer amenities. 

At the completion of this training your team should be able to complete an oil change, tire rotation, and multipoint inspection in bay within 30 minutes repeatedly.

Your additional service recommendations will increase, your sales penetration will increase, your customer satisfaction will increase and your overall customer base will increase.



One of our experts can create and implement a variety of keynote presentations to your group.  

These presentations are both informative and fun.  They are not monotone or stagnate with participants looking at their watch or phone. They can be held on site or at other facilities of your choosing.  They can last from 15 minutes to 3.5 hours. Each participant can be provided with a presentation workbook to keep after the event.


Past topics have included:


  • EV servicing paradigms

  • Special Order Parts are filling your obsolescence

  • Scheduling for success

  • Maximizing your efficiency

  • Identifying and building your culture

  • Technician Apprenticeships 

  • Express Service Processes that work

  • Getting the most production 

  • Identifying and Maximizing your Facility Potential 

  • We are in the Tire Business 

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Servie Clinic


Everyone likes a good party!  

This service invites your recent purchase guests back in for an informative and fun presentation that is guaranteed to set you apart from your competition!


We present your guests with a full dealership branded  PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates how to take care of their new vehicle and why you are the best place to do it.  We use members of your service team to administer key portions of the presentation to build trust.  We also utilize your shop foreman to deploy a live airbag at the conclusion to make it all memorable.  Each guest can be given a dealer branded handout that shows how your prices and services compare to the competition as well as other dealer amenities that competing shops may not have. 

We prepare your guests to participate with a dealer branded mailer, an eblast, desk flyers, and a call campaign. 


Some Highlights of this service include:


  • What to do if you get a flat

  • Scheduling, where to pull in, and your service intake process

  • Why go to the dealer for your oil change 

  • Your filter vs. aftermarket (parts pass around comparison)

  • Do you really need brakes?

  • Manufacturer brake pads and rotors vs. aftermarket (parts pass around comparison)

  • Code reading vs. Technician Diagnostics

  • Flushes and maintenance recommendations

  • Why are you getting phone calls for extended warranty 

  • Do you really need tires?

  • How to avoid being taken advantage of by a repair shop

  • Proper airbag safety (hand and seat positioning)

  • CSI and what it means

  • Special Order Parts

  • Our industry need for techs and how you can help

  • And so much more!


At the conclusion of the event your guests will know:


  • How convenient it is to do business with you.  

  • They can trust you and your team to do the right thing by their vehicles. 

  • They will understand the importance of service and that you can assist with all makes and models for both service and sales.

  • They will recognize you as the go to source for extended warranties, accessories, and tires

AlaCarte  Items include:

  • Beer and Wine Bar with a certified bartender

  • Catering options for your demographic 

  • Video Production for your website, digital televisions, social media, etc.

  • Swag Bag (coupons, hats, mugs, key rings, pens, etc)

  • Raffle Prizes (Roadside Emergency kits, Touch up Paint Vouchers, Rewards Points, etc.)

  • Presentation booklet for guests to take home with them

  • Manager training for presentation creation, event set up, customization, and implementation so that these clinics can be repeated

Business representative
Advisor Training


During this session, one of our performance coaches will work with your manager, review your current consultant processes, and identify growth opportunities that will increase your employee and customer satisfaction. 


Some highlights include:


  • Preparing the day before and identifying needs

  • Confirming appointments 

  • The proper greeting and vehicle walk-around

  • The write up process

  • Keeping the customer informed

  • The perfect estimate

  • Phone Skills

  • Closing The Sell - Features and Benefits, Negotiation Strategies

  • Setting realistic completion estimates

  • The progress or completion call

  • The delivery

  • The CSI Survey and Review Card

  • Setting the next appointment

  • The VIP follow up call


Ala carte features include:


  • A Dealer branded handout card with QR code linking to your preferred customer review site for advisor distribution



Are you inviting your guests back in at the time of sale?
Are you suggesting accessories before finance?
Do your customer know where to pull in for service?
How to schedule service?
Was their first service appointment set before they left with their new car?
Did they leave with any materials  or gifts related to fixed operations?

We teach your team a tailored process that implements strategies to immediately establish your dealer as your customers’ first choice for service.

Some Highlights and recommendations for this service include;

  • Parts and Service Consultant word tracks and new owner presentation training.  Making your facility and their experience memorable

  • Creation of a Digital handout that shows competitive pricing with dealer amenities and contact information for presentation to build value by the service consultant

  • Establish a process that sets your guests’ first appointment, what to expect, and expresses enthusiasm for their business

  • Initiate small logo gift ideas for your guests at introduction to the service and parts departments (hats or mugs from service and touch up paint from parts recommended)

  • Video production welcoming and congratulating your new customers to your family for after hours viewing

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