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Everyone asks...How do I get Techs?

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

It is so frequent when helping dealers that I hear “What we really need is technicians”.

It is no surprise that our industry is experiencing a significant shortage of technicians. (Although much worse now, they have been saying it for the past 30 years) A good starting point is to ask yourself the following questions;

How proficient are my existing technicians?

  • Calculated by dividing the flat rate hours they turned by the hours they were available. Your target should be 120% Proficiency per technician.

What is our culture?

  • Are we the place everyone wants to work? Your current staff should be your biggest fans.

  • Is our attitude when interviewing “Why should I hire you?”

  • OR is it, “This is why you should work here.”

Are you growing your own technicians?

  • Do you have an established mentor program?

  • What is your onboarding process?

  • Do you have a training path from the date of hire?

  • Do you have an entry-level technician tool program?

  • Do you hire from within? Porters can transition to Lube Technicians.

  • Are you involved with local technical training programs?

  • What about daily performance objectives?

  • Are the technicians you currently employ meeting your production goals?

  • Do your current technicians feel like they are a part of your organizational culture or are they just there because it’s a job?

  • Do you continuously invest in tech training?

  • Do you offer flexible scheduling?

  • Is your shop equipment up-to-date and defect-free?

  • Does your parts department stock the parts they need to do their job?

  • Do your service consultants offer all the tech recommendations to the guests or just choose the ones that they want to present?

  • Do your technicians have a voice and say so that is heard by your managers?

Before you write your next job ad, look at what you offer your people. What makes you stand out? What makes you more desirable than your competitors? Why would someone come to work for you?

Consider leveraging service clinics, new owner clinics, or sales-to-service handoffs to ask your existing customers if they know a good tech. Offer bird dogs to your staff, tool trucks, vendors, and guests alike for procurement.

Check out and capitalize on them building relationships with trade schools and be sure to offer internships.

In conclusion, identify if you are maximizing potential with your current workforce. Are your technicians at 120% proficiency? If so, why would someone come to work for you? If you were a technician, would you consider the opportunity or would you look at it as just another job that would not be worth considering?

For a complete service department assessment or, a customized approach to your specific needs I can assist you. Feel free to contact me anytime at (813) 602-1964 or

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