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Your Service Department is Breaking Records but...

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

So your service department is breaking records! That is fantastic! What if your 10% increase in sales is a result of a 20% increase in traffic? What are you doing for the other 10%? Chances are, you are losing business to a competitor.

The above scenario brings light to many who are riding the train of increase. They are so focused on what is in front of them that they cannot see what they are losing. When your customers are calling for an appointment are you accommodating or is your team so busy that they cannot give the level of service that you trained them for?

What if you are not able to make an appointment in a timely manner and your guest needs prompt assistance? Your advisor must show empathy in this scenario and build value in why they should come to you for service. All efforts should be made to accommodate the guests needs and the guest must know that you are trying. Their business must be valued and not overlooked just because you have another guest right behind them.

Look at your scheduling. Is there a typical time of the day that you are less busy? More busy? Why? How many guests show up saying that they had an appointment but were not on the schedule? Do your writers just tell them to come on in and they deal with the fall out later? Do they tell people to come in the morning and not set the appointment or come in at 1? In many cases that explains the mad rush in the morning and after lunch. Or could it be that you just don’t have enough techs? Do you really need more techs?

Are all of your techs turning 10 hours a day? How much time are they spending at the parts counter? If each tech spent an average of an hour at the parts counter a day the loss of production is significant. Most importantly, how many hours are available to sell each day and are you tracking it? Do you have the right amount of support staff for the techs? Are you mentoring techs to help ease the burden from your main line techs? What are you doing to actively recruit techs? Why would prospective employees choose you over all of the other dealerships needing techs?

These are all questions to ask. If alternatives are still needed then consider a 4 day work week with extended hours

. You will need additional team members to make this work. The four day schedule alone may be the exact thing that attracts the new talent you desire. Employees deserve their time too. Burnout and fatigue plague our industry. This schedule allows you to be open longer and helps the employee have a more rounded home life.

If you just continue to dig and dig you will only get deeper. There are many creative solutions to this problem but nothing quick and easy. Be aware that you are losing money because you cant service your customer base. The long term ramifications to retention and profitability are substantial. Don’t lose sight of what your capacity truly is on a daily basis and find ways to maximize efficiency.

For a complete service department assessment or a customized approach to your specific needs I can assist you. Feel free to contact me anytime at (813) 602-1964 or

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